Our Students Got Placed In Reputed Company :
🥳 Pratik Rathod as Dot Net Developer
🥳 Nikita Gore as Software Engineer
🥳 Sakshi Nirmal as Trainee Software Developer
🥳 Tanaya Shisode as Trainee Engineer
🥳 Anjali Magade as Manual Tester
Our Students Got Placed In Reputed Company :
🥳 Vaishnavi Pakhare as AWS Developer
🥳 Akansha Patare as .Net Developer Trainnee
🥳 Abhinandan Patil as DevOps Intern
🥳 Dinesh Bhopi as Senior Data Analyst
🥳 Jyoti Athani as Graduate Engineer Trainee

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Introduction to Terraform, Terraform vs Ansible, Terraform Architecture, YAML and JSON, Terraform CLI, Terraform Providers, Terraform Modules, Terraform Variables, Outputs, Key concepts, Terraform Loops, Terraform Functions and Provisioners, Terraform Configuration & its File, Terraform Common Commands, Managing Terraform Resources, Terraform State & its Commands, State management, Terraform Project.